i love you all

I will be posting more soon, I have lots of funny owen, josh, andy, and raisha stories to explode upon your faces, I mean post, I just have to draw them, But I have to go to Julian and get some apple pie.
p.s. andy is a f*&^ wad


hey, it's hard being a creative person.
1. you get made fun of for being weird,
2. people criticize and dismiss your hard work
3. you can't hold down a mundane job like the rest of corporate america
4. studying meaningless busy work may cause you to drop out of school (twice in my case)
5.you have to be completely self motivated.

so,what's my point? Stop being so hard on yourself. Good art comes from practice and observation, it's not magic. Of course, tons of self confidence will get you where you want just as fast, but you run the risk of being a phony, arrogant jerk.

yes, these are based on real people

i swear I didn't even change the names

about this comic

i'm adding the first comic I had reviewed at comic con which gave me the idea for the raisha and jonas party story. Needless to say platinum publishing will not be publishing my work any time soon

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